Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Tatiana DeMaria at Mercury Lounge

Tatiana DeMaria is best known as the vocalist/guitarist of TAT, the punk band she formed in 2003 when she was a 15 year old living in London, England. As a child DeMaria moved with her family to Paris, France, where she developed a love of punk rock. She returned to London as a teenager and started playing guitar and writing songs. She played in several high school bands until she formed TAT (originally named the Camden Whigs). Aside from TAT, she began working behind the scenes in the soundtrack and jingles industry in 2011. She began performing as a solo performer in 2017 with concerts at Rockwood Music Hall and the Bowery Electric. An as-yet-untitled solo EP is planned for a fall 2018 release after her participation in a Warped tour.

Tatiana DeMaria retained her punk personality tonight at Mercury Lounge, but her music seemed to have shifted to a tough pop genre. DeMaria took a confident stance for most of her set, playing her guitar with one foot upon a stage monitor and shaking her mane of long, raven-black hair. She sang with a strong voice that emoted angst and rebellion as each song built tension and release like a sudden storm. Her fearless and ferocious projection only highlighted the subtle vulnerability articulated in her lyrics. Midway through her set, her band watched as she strapped on an acoustic guitar and paced through the audience for a mini solo set that throbbed with equal parts passion and power. This may be pop, but it surely was not lightweight.

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