Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Low Cut Connie at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2

Pianist/vocalist Adam Weiner, a native of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, found early work in New York City playing in gay bars, karaoke bars, restaurants and ballet classes, often under the name Ladyfingers. In 2010, he started working a project that would become Low Cut Connie, the name inspired by a waitress who often wore low-cut tops at a restaurant near where Weiner grew up. In 2015, Weiner was considering ending Low Cut Connie when the band's song "Boozophilia" was chosen by then-President Barack Obama as one of the songs on his Spotify summer playlist; Weiner later met the president and was encouraged to continue Low Cut Connie. The band, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, presently consists of Weiner, guitarists James Everhart and Will Donnelley, bassist Lucas Rinz, drummer Larry Scotton, and backing vocalist Saundra Williams. Low Cut Connie's fifth and most current album, Dirty Pictures (Part 2), was released on May 18, 2018.

Tonight at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2, Low Cut Connie performed an early evening concert for later broadcast on WFUV Public Radio. Unfortunately the radio listeners will be unable to witness the wild antics that the live audience enjoyed. Playing Elton John-styled rock and roll party music, the flamboyant Weiner borrowed from Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis by standing on his piano bench, stepping on the piano keys, crawling under the piano while playing, as Weiner excelled in over-the-top theatrics. The radio audience will nonetheless pick up on the indefatigable Weiner singing soulfully and joyfully to pop songs infused with vaudeville, barrelhouse, honky tonk, and New Orleans-style piano playing. In person or on the radio, this was a high-energy rock show.

Visit Low Cut Connie at www.lowcutconnie.com.

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