Saturday, May 5, 2018

Luicidal at the Bowery Electric

Louichi Mayorga
In his youth, Louichi Mayorga lived between Santa Monica and Venice, California. While in college, he joined the Venice-based Suicidal Tendencies. Mayorga played bass and wrote songs for Suicidal Tendencies from 1981 to 1988 during the band's hardcore punk years; after Mayorca's departure, Suicidal Tendencies began gravitating to a more metal sound. Mayorca played in Los Cycos, Uncle Slam, Horny Toad, AgainST and other bands until 2012, when he formed Luicidal to play songs from Suicidal Tendencies' earliest albums. The band has since written original music as well. Luicidal's sole album, Luicidal, was released in 2014. The band presently consists of Mayorga, vocalist Mando Ochoa, guitarist Marty Ramirez, drummer Vince Sollecito, and Mike Avilez (tour vocals).

Headlining a rare show in New York, Luicidal hit the Bowery Electric with a set that revisited the earliest days of Venice's skate punk and thrash scene. In the 1980s, President Reagan's America had raised a generation of angry and angst-filled musicians, to where the formerly polarized hardcore punk and speed metal movements strengthened themselves by marrying their commonalities and converging. Luicidal authentically packed into its set the seething unrest, unhinged fury and brutal intensity of those turbulent times. With Avilez as the band's manic front person, the quartet pivoted non-stop on an aggressive, bombastic style featuring spat vocals, lightning-fast lead guitar licks, and battering rhythms. The new band 's repertoire showcased two original songs but was comprised largely of songs from Suicidal Tendencies' first album. Luicidal did not break new ground, but successfully mirrored the rage and outrage of an older epoch, with a newly-fueled vehement ire that seemed fitting for these new times also.

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  1. Look Up (Suicidal Tendencies song)
  2. I Want More (Suicidal Tendencies song)
  3. Subliminal (Suicidal Tendencies song)
  4. Won't Fall in Love Today (Suicidal Tendencies song)
  5. Possessed to Skate (Suicidal Tendencies song)
  6. Two-Sided Politics (Suicidal Tendencies song)
  7. I Saw Your Mommy (Suicidal Tendencies song)
  8. Possessed (Suicidal Tendencies song)
  9. War Inside My Head (Suicidal Tendencies song)
  10. Knife Fight
  11. Fascist Pig (Suicidal Tendencies song)
  12. Suicidal Failure (Suicidal Tendencies song)
  13. Memories of Tomorrow (Suicidal Tendencies song)
  14. Human Guinea Pig (Suicidal Tendencies song)
  15. Green Light
  16. The Prisoner (Suicidal Tendencies song)
  17. Hearing Voices (Suicidal Tendencies song)
  18. Looking in Your Eyes (Suicidal Tendencies song)
  19. Institutionalized (Suicidal Tendencies song)
  20. I Shot the Devil (Suicidal Tendencies song)
  21. Pledge Your Allegiance (Suicidal Tendencies song)

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