Friday, July 14, 2017

Little Lesley & the Bloodshots at Hill Country Barbecue Market

Little Lesley Swift was a farmer's daughter when at age eight she began playing piano and singing country music in backwoods bars in upstate New York. She later learned to play guitar and upright bass, and began writing and performing her own rock and roll songs. She met ex-cowboy and rockabilly guitarist Brian "Swifty" Swift in Nevada and took to his wild guitar style. They moved to New York City and formed the Bloodshots with drummer Bobby Lee of Staten Island. The Bloodshots so far released one album, On Fire, in 2013, and a couple of 7" singles. The band now has a home base in Greenville, South Carolina.

Performing two sets at Hill Country Barbecue Market tonight, Little Lesley led the Bloodshots on most songs with her complex bass rhythms and her sassy, belting vocal delivery. While the coifed hair and cowgirl outfit made her the center of attention, the strong undercurrent of Swifty's twangy guitar licks were the center of gravity in each song. Lee’s big-band influenced percussion completed the band's sparse sound. The set included some western swing and boogie-woogie, but the trio largely remained faithful to a rockabilly sound powered by turbo rock and roll energy. The music was honest, passionate and danceable, ripe for listening and for partying.

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Set 1:
  1. Straight from Hell
  2. Rollin' Out
  3. Nothing Without You
  4. Bang Bang
  5. I'm Sorry
  6. 24 Hours More
  7. Dynamite
  8. My Boy Elvis
  9. For Your Love
  10. You're a Cat
  11. Doin' Fine
  12. Tell Me
  13. Ooh Baby
  14. Boogie Woogie
  15. Long Gone, So Long
  16. Another Night
  17. You Can't Break My Soul
  18. Whatchu Do
  19. Spell My Name
  20. Happy When You're Gone
  21. Losin' My Mind
  22. Down the Line
  23. Oh Boy
  24. My Baby Left Me
  25. Let's Have A Party

Set 2:
  1. Mean Mean Man
  2. Cesar
  3. Baby Please
  4. Black Cadillac
  5. Bad Girl
  6. Skull and Crossbones
  7. La La La Love
  8. I Got a Man
  9. I Hate Myself
  10. Mercy
  11. Pop Pills
  12. Waste Away
  13. Love Bug
  14. Gone
  15. We Get Around
  16. Fool I Am
  17. You Don't Fool Me
  18. I Still Love You
  19. I Gotta Go