Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Wheeler Walker Jr. at the Bowery Ballroom

Although he may deny it from the stage, potty-mouthed country music singer-songwriter Wheeler Walker, Jr. appears to be the alter-ego of comedian Ben Hoffman. While many rappers and even the president of the United States have spoken more graphically about sexual subjects, Wheeler Walker Jr. is controversial firstly because this is country music and secondly because despite its humorous intent, nearly all his songs are entirely rife with sexually graphic content. Walker's first album in 2016 debuted in the top 10 of both comedy and country charts. Take him seriously or not, Walker reportedly said that the album was not comedy but "real life." Nevertheless, the album was the second best-selling comedy album of 2016. His second album, Ol Wheeler, was released on June 2, 2017.

At the Bowery Ballroom tonight, Wheeler Walker Jr. spoke little and let his lyrics do the talking while a crowd of rowdy urban cowboys sang the x-rated choruses in union with their novelty hero and spokesperson. Walker wore an acoustic guitar, but hardly played it, while his small band banged out the country grit and twang. The 17 songs moved quickly, and the deft instrumentation gave them authentic country credentials, but in the end, for the audience it was about how many tongue-in-cheek toilet jokes can we handle before we stop smirking. It helps if you have a sense of humor.

Visit Wheeler Walker Jr. at www.WheelerWalkerJr.com.