Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Quicksilver Daydream at Mercury Lounge

Adam Lytle/Quicksilver Daydream
Singer-songwriter Adam Lytle was born in Pontiac, Michigan, lived as a youth on a farm in Maineville, Ohio, and almost a decade ago moved to Brooklyn, New York. He led Wild Leaves through two EPS and many local performances, but with the band going on hiatus in 2016, Lytle began recording songs alone at home using an analog tape machine that he purchased from a dead man's estate. Under the alias of Quicksilver Daydream, he will release a debut album, Echoing Halls, on June 16, 2017.

When he performs solo with an acoustic guitar at local venues like Pete's Candy Store, Quicksilver Daydream is an intriguing although somewhat typical folk act. Performing tonight at Mercury Lounge as a band (with keyboardist Kramer Sanguinetti, bassist Brett Banks, guitarist Joey Deady, and drummer Cole Emoff), however, Quicksilver Daydream was a much more compelling outfit. Sanguinetti used a Mellotron for its electro-mechanical, polyphonic tape-replay ability, and the sound eerily recalled the earliest periods of psychedelic folk rock in mid-1960s. Over a set of nine songs, the band performed similarly soft, lilting songs with pop melodies and retro arrangements. Quicksilver Daydream even covered a song by Pearls before Swine, which was perhaps the little-known founder of the psychedelic folk movement. The only objection to the performance was that at approximately 30 minutes, the set was too brief.

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  1. Sunrise
  2. See All
  3. Echoing Halls
  4. Waking Eyes
  5. Only Light
  6. North Wind
  7. Sail Away
  8. Holy Range


  1. Morning Comes Too Soon