Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Black Cats NYC at Sidewalk

In the early 1990s, vocalist/bassist Andrew Giordano joined lead guitarist Don Sztabnik on the downtown New York City rock club circuit in the Dragons. Some 25 years later, the duo reunited to form the Black Cats NYC. While the band is hinged on Gordano and Sztabnik, the Black Cats NYC presently also includes guitarist Francesco D’Ambrosio, drummer Jason Reddish, and backing vocalists Deanna Lair and Julie M. Smith, also known as the Pussycats. The band is also frequently augmented onstage by pianist Alex Giordano, saxophonist Seaton "Raven" Hancock and vocalist Gass Wild. The Black Cats NYC released a three-song EP entitled Gone on October 28, 2016.

At Sidewalk tonight, the Black Cats NYC brought the roll back to the rock. The Black Cats NYC knew that to lead the party and electrify the spirit, the band had to avoid pensive confessional lyrics and complicated musical arrangements. Instead, the band played light-hearted rave-ups with stinging guitar leads and sax breaks separating the verses and big harmonies on the choruses. Throwback moments were inspired by the core of 1950s rock, 1960s pop and 1970s glam rock. Raucous songs like "Animal" and "She Got What I Need" charged with dirty grooves, with Giordano's strong vocals raising the temperature of the room. This was several steps beyond garage rock, yet still a bit raw and dirty. It would be hard for a rock and roll fan not to enjoy the Black Cats NYC live.

The Black Cats NYC will host a video release party for "Too Far Gone" at the Delancey on June 15. In the meantime, visit the Black Cats NYC at

  1. Storm Before The Calm
  2. She Got What I Need
  3. Big Bomb Baby
  4. Help from Above
  5. Psychotic Whisper
  6. All in Love with Me
  7. Candy Ass
  8. Walk You Home
  9. Animal
  10. Blame it on Mom
  11. Too Far Gone

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