Sunday, May 28, 2017

Imminent Sonic Destruction at Dröm

Pete Thompson & Tony Piccoli
Vocalist/guitarist Tony Piccoli formed a progressive metal band called Mellotrön in 2007 in Detroit, Michigan. Due to legal matters the band was renamed Imminent Sonic Destruction in 2011. Imminent Sonic Destruction released a debut CD in 2012 and toured North America opening for Pain of Salvation and Fates Warning, and later with Circus Maximus in 2016. Imminent Sonic Destruction's second and most recent CD, Triumphia, is a concept album featuring over 69 minutes of music. Triumphia was released on September 2, 2016. Imminent Sonic Destruction consists of Piccoli, guitarist Scott Thompson, keyboardist Pete Hopersberger, bassist Bryan Paxton, and drummer Pat DeLeon.

Closing a tour with Edensong tonight at Dröm, Imminent Sonic Destruction performed songs that utilized both complex progressive rock structures and the hard, crushing riffs of a metal band. It was a thinker's band, with imagery provided through Piccoli's pensive words and angst-driven delivery. The music moved from peaceful to churning, and from steady four/four to odd syncopations, fearlessly balancing the songs with soothing and brutal extremes. Vocal harmonies led to epic-sounding yet melodic grooves. Imminent Sonic Destruction is a band to watch on the progressive metal horizon.

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