Friday, March 24, 2017

The Allah-Las at Webster Hall's Grand Ballroom

Miles Michaud
Vocalist/rhythm guitarist Miles Michaud frequented Amoeba, the independent record chain store, throughout his high school years in Los Angeles, California. Eventually, he worked there and in 2008 formed the Allah-Las with two co-workers, bassist Spencer Dunham of Los Angeles, and lead guitarist Pedrum Siadatian, a transplant from Salt Lake City, Utah. They recruited a fellow Angelino, drummer Matthew Correia, and started playing together in Dunham's parents' basement. Continually drawing inspiration from mid-1960s garage rock resources, the Allah-Las released a third album, Calico Review, on September 9, 2016.

Headlining tonight at Webster Hall's Grand Ballroom, the Allah-Las embraced music trends from some 50 years ago. The Allah-Las revived the harmonies and pop hooks of the British Invasion, the trippy experimental adventurousness of West Coast psychedelic bands, and the jangly guitars of Midwestern lo-fi rockers. While these influences are plentiful in the contemporary indie music scene, the Allah-Las added a wistful, breezy element laced with gentle harmonies that subtly spoke of California pop and soul. Michaud sang most of the songs, but when the others sang, the songs were made from the same patchwork. The performance generally did not race or boom, but wistfully floated on cool laid-back vibes. The hypnotic simplicity of the music was capable of transporting the listener to groovier times and places.

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