Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Jacuzzi Boys at Max Fish

Gabriel Alcala
The Jacuzzi Boys formed in 2007 as a duo, guitarist/vocalist Gabriel Alcala and drummer Diego Monasterios, two Venezuelan-born youth who attended the same high school in Miami, Florida. They found that their first few live performances and home recordings were lacking, so they invited Cuban-American Danny Gonzales to join them on bass. The three musicians have given up their day jobs in the restaurant and flooring businesses and have hit the highway. The Jacuzzi Boys will release a fourth album, Ping Pong, on October 21, 2016.

Max Fish is a bar with no stage, so bands play in a hallway at the bottom of a staircase. Despite the lack of safe space, the Jacuzzi Boys' garage punk set increasingly saw more and more listeners pogoing and slamming against one another. Honing a raw psychedelic acid rock sound similar to the 1960s' Seeds and Leaves, the Jacuzzi Boys' raucous live set induced kinetic abandon like a fast-spreading virus. Closing in on a microphone from behind a curtain of black hair, Alcala snarled cryptic lyrics and played a bright, stinging guitar to Gonzales' deep bass grooves and Monasterios' crashing drums. If they played more than three chords, those extra chords were unnecessary. Surprisingly, though the songs were intrinsically basic, the band was able to make each song sound fresh and unique. The Jacuzzi Boys is a band worth discovering.

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