Friday, October 7, 2016

Rips at Berlin

Several bands have used the name Rips, and there is little information on the web about the Brooklyn band Rips. The indie pop quartet consists of Dan and Bono on guitars and vocals, Gary on bass, and Henry on drums. If they have surnames, these have not yet been formally revealed. One member is from upstate, one is from New Jersey and two are from Texas. They met while working in a restaurant and formed a band. Austin Brown of Parquet Courts is producing tracks for a Rips album, and two songs are already on the web.

Opening for Navy Gangs at Berlin tonight, Rips played a bare-bones set of songs that recalled late 1970s garage rock. Comparisons have been made to Television, and rightly so, both in vocals and guitar style. Rips is a young band with potential for a bright future.

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