Friday, October 7, 2016

Navy Gangs at Berlin

Vocalist/guitarist Matthew Tillwick, guitarist Noah Kohll, and drummer Gavin Cordaro began making music together in 2012 while in high school in Omaha, Nebraska. They worked for two months at a local zoo until they had enough cash for one way bus tickets to New York City, where they moved in temporarily with Kohll's grandmother. In New York, they met their bassist, Wilson Keithline from Providence, Rhode Island. Together they became the indie-pop Navy Gangs and recorded a four-song debut EP (release date: October 14, 2016) in said grandmother's apartment.

Launching a month of Friday night gigs at Berlin, Navy Gangs tonight seemed totally Brooklyn. The four musicians wore both expressionless wardrobe and expressionless faces as they performed a brief set of original compositions. The dynamics were in the music, not in the movements, as matter-of-fact vocals and jangly guitar chords led to smooth guitar leads and pop-flavored songs were powered by garage rock arrangements. Navy Gangs returns to Berlin on October 14, October 21 and October 28.