Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Low Anthem at City Winery

Ben Knox Miller
Vocalist/guitarist Ben Knox Miller and drummer Jeff Prystowsky met while DJing an overnight jazz show on a local university radio station in Providence, Rhode Island. They became friends and teammates for a local baseball team. Miller and Prystowsky played together in classical, jazz and electronica ensembles before formed the indie folk band Low Anthem in 2006. The Low Anthem released its fifth studio album, Eyeland, on June 17, 2016. The band currently consists of Miller, Prystowsky, guitarist Bryan Minto and violinist/vocalist Florence Wallis.

Once a folkier band, the Low Anthem at City Winery tonight gravitated to more experimental and electronic soundscapes, many improvised spontaneously. Soft and broody ambient sounds wrapped around Miller's pillow-talk vocals for most of the performance. A few songs crashed like thunder in a storm, but the majority of the set was comprised of dreamy, whispering dalliances. The experimental nature was most evident when one composition was centered around Miller taking a violin bow to a saw. The musicians' vision all evening was left-of-center, appealing to the most adventurous musical tastes.

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