Monday, September 19, 2016

Hailey Knox at the Penthouse

Hailey Knox is from Carmel, New York, where her dad taught her to play guitar when she was seven. At 12, Knox and her sister, performing as a duo, began posting covers of their favorite songs on social media. Knox later received a loop effects pedal as a Christmas gift and posted solo videos utilizing echoes of her own voice and guitar work. Eventually she started working on original songs. Now at age 17, her debut EP, A Little Awkward, was released on June 24, 2016.

Though still a teenager, Knox is a seasoned performer, having performed many shows in the New York area and at SXSW. She exuded confidence and professionalism throughout her brief eight-song performance tonight at the Penthouse at the Standard Hotel. Many of her songs started with her looping her guitar licks, guitar slaps (for percussion), and/or wordless melodies. This was her "band," forming the backdrop to more intricate guitar licks, soulful vocals and lyrics that gave insight to the mind of a member of Generation Z. Up until now, she has been playing to audiences old enough to get into bars, but her opening slot on Charlie Puth's theater tour will help her reach her core following. As evidenced impressively tonight, her bluesy guitar licks and soulful vocals may extend her audience beyond her initial teen audience, and those who listen carefully also may enjoy her clever wordsmith ability. Hailey Knox is a very talented youth.