Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sarah Walk at the Top of the Standard

In her native of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Sarah Walk took piano lessons as a child and began improvising and composing at age seven. By age nine, she began performing publicly, rapping with a friend at neighborhood concerts. Experiencing her first heartbreak as an adolescent, she began writing about personal experiences rather than the world around her. She later majored in music writing and composition at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Walk released a five-song EP, White Noise, in 2012, and soon will release her debut album. Walk is now based in London, England, and opened a tour for fellow Londoner Laura Mvula.

At the Top of the Standard, performing high above New York's Meatpacking District amidst glorious views of nighttime skylines, Sarah Walk introduced songs from her upcoming album. Backed by a trio of musicians, Walk played piano on most songs, singing vocals that were accentuated and melodies that were accessible. The result was the delivery of a series of emotional, introspective compositions that opened a window to a discovering and perplexed heart. Walk's mindset often seemed to be softly tender, yet striving for invulnerability. Musically mature beyond her 24 years, she veered far from lightweight pop ditties. Sarah Walk will capture hearts one by one.

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