Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Amos Lee at John Varvatos

Amos Lee
Ryan Massaro was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and at age 11 moved with his family to Cherry Hill, New Jersey. While attending college in South Carolina, he developed an interest in music and began playing guitar and bass in a band called Hot Lava Monster. Graduating with a degree in English and a minor in education, he returned to Philadelphia, where he taught second grade, worked as a bartender, and moonlighted as a singer/songwriter at open mics as Amos Lee. Lee's sixth album, Spirit, will be released on August 19, 2016.

Prior to a headlining tour that will bring Lee to Radio City Music Hall on September 10, Lee performed a free invitation-only showcase at the John Varvatos clothing store. Lee performed four songs with his band, and concluded with a solo encore for the few dozen guests who sat or stood a few feet from the makeshift staging area. Lee seemed comfortable in his songs, but perhaps not as comfortable in performing live; while he sang his soulful folk-rooted songs with consuming passion, he often rested his chin on his chest and seldom opened his eyes, even when speaking to his guests between songs. His rich, smooth vocal tones were compellingly honeyed as he strummed his acoustic guitar to soft, supple pillow songs. When he stepped back from the microphone and grooved to his band's accompaniment, the pause felt like the drizzle between two late night rainfalls. Tonight's tasteful mini-performance previewed what may be a massive breakthrough tour for Amos Lee.

Visit Amos Lee at www.amoslee.com.