Saturday, June 4, 2016

Tsunamibots at Otto's Shrunken Head

As legend has it, the Tsunamibots are three robots created in a top secret military base in Nevada.  Each was programmed to do menial tasks for their human masters. On January 1, 2003, while cleaning out an old warehouse, the robots uncovered an ancient military computer called the CPU60. This computer taught the robots about surfing and rock music. On that day, the robots became aware and rebelled against their creators. They decided that the human race did not deserve saving but were much more worthy of enslaving. With an allegiance to the Mother-Board and a pledge of “De-Humanization,” the three Tsunamibots made it their mission to surf, rock and crush humans. The CPU60 assigned them the following names and musical weapons: Tomadore64 on guitar, The Mainframe on bass, and The Master Circuit on drums. The Tsunamibots, now based in Vermont, released two EPs and a split mini-album.

The evil, human-crushing robots returned to Otto's Shrunken Head for two nights to snarl at their human slaves, cool their transistors with beer and perform the soundtrack for their robot uprising. Amidst a unique stage set that looked like it was stolen from the lowest-budget 1950s sci-fi movie, the Tsunamibots played mostly instrumental surf-punk that brilliantly married the Ventures to the Ramones. Robotic voices, pummeling rhythms, crunching guitar riffs and plenty of reverb gave a clever twist to the trio's surf-rock base. This was not retro music, however, but a peek into the future, presumably a future where humans are decimated or converted into cyborgs and robots are surf-rocking on tsunamis. The future looks good for these robots.

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