Friday, June 3, 2016

The Woggles at the Bowery Electric

The Professor Mighty Manfred
Except for the names of various recordings, not much is known about the Woggles that has not been conjured for amusement. Formed in 1987, the quartet is based out of Athens, Georgia, and lost its original guitarist, George Montague Holton III, when he died in 2003. The vocalist, The Professor Mighty Manfred, has a radio show on Little Steven Van Zandt's satellite radio station. Guitarist Flesh Hammer reportedly played in Guadalcanal Diary. Bassist Buzz Hagstrom and drummer Dan Eletxro also play in England's Graham Day & the Gaolers. The Woggles' ninth and most recent album is 2013's The Big Beat.

A Woggles concert is designed to make the audience smile, and possibly laugh. The four musicians are at least in their 50s, and they dress in matching mod outfits as if they were rocking 50 years ago. Nevertheless, the band's frenetic energy and vintage-sounding garage rock made for a raving rock and roll dance party tonight at the Bowery Electric. It was a rock and roll revival with silly songs like "It's Not About What I Want (It's What You Got)", "Baby I'll Trust You when You're Dead" and "Karate Monkey." A fairly unique band for our times, the Woggles steamed through sticky rock and roll with a playful sense of humor.

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