Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Miles Nielsen & the Rusted Hearts at the Mercury Lounge

Miles Nielsen
Miles Nielsen has a musical bloodline that goes back four generations of players and singers. Miles was a toddler when Cheap Trick, his dad Rick Nielsen's band, released its debut album in 1977. As a boy, Miles rode on tour busses and grew accustomed to rock stars hanging at his home in Rockford, Illinois. By the age of 13, Miles was inspired to learn guitar, and was on stage covering songs by age 14. Eventually, he began writing his own songs and playing bass with various regional folk bands, including Cory Chisel & the Wandering Sons, Cameron McGill & What Army, Hayward Williams, and Daniel & the Lion. He has also played rhythm guitar for Cheap Trick. Nielsen now leads his own band, Miles Nielsen & the Rusted Hearts. He released his third album, Heavy Metal, on April 29, 2016.

Miles Nielsen & the Rusted Hearts headlined a late show at the Mercury Lounge tonight, and brought some Midwest flavor to the city venue. Nielsen sang lyrics that exposed his mind and heart, with an honest, drawling voice hinged on a country lilt that felt warm, comfortable and rootsy. His compositions often built into pop hooks by the time he reached his choruses. The band provided a light and breezy backdrop to accentuate the melodies. The end result was more pop rock than country folk, but retained a rustic charm that celebrated America's heartland.

Visit Miles Nielsen at www.milesnielsen.com.

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