Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Brett Dennen at the Bowery Ballroom

Count on Brett Dennen to do good things. The Northern Californian has worked at a residential summer camp as a counselor. He led numerous anti-smoking campaigns on his college campus and was instrumental in removing ash trays from building entrances. Dennen has been a part of a San Francisco Bay Area-based nonprofit organization that works towards a peaceful future by uniting diverse children and empowering them to strive for peace. The boyish-looking 36-year-old is also a folk/pop singer/songwriter, and released his sixth album, Por Favor, on May 20, 2016.

At the Bowery Ballroom tonight, Brett Dennen performed easy-flowing pop tunes that sometimes rode on waves of light Caribbean and African rhythms. The lyrics were airy vignettes with little drama, buoyed by melodies that owed a serious debt to Paul Simon's Graceland era. Dennen performed six songs from his new album and one or two songs from each of his previous albums, all of which favored a simple arrangement. While the set was united by an uplifting, positive vibe, Dennen referenced the Orlando shooting in "Stand Up For It," which featured the lyric, “Everyday people like you and me / We have to realize that we are not divided." At least for this night, Dennen played cheerful, family-friendly songs that seemed like a light in a dark world.

Visit Brett Dennen at www.brettdennen.net.

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