Friday, April 15, 2016

Napalm Death at Webster Hall's Grand Ballroom

Mark "Barney" Greenway
Napalm Death is an extreme metal band formed in 1981 in Meriden, England, initially inspired by the anarcho-punk movement. Napalm Death became among the pioneers of the grindcore. The last original member of Napalm Death left in 1987, but vocalist Mark "Barney" Greenway, guitarist Mitch Harris, bassist Shane Embury and drummer Danny Herrera have comprised the band since 1981. Napalm Death released 16 studio albums, the most recent being Apex Predator – Easy Meat, released on January 26, 2015.

At Webster Hall's Grand Ballroom tonight, Napalm Death's performance was akin to a series of explosions. Every song was abrasive, aggressive and volatile, furthering hardcore punk and extreme metal to produce a thick wall of noise. Between songs, Greenway offered commentary on social injustices, human rights and current politics, including a jab at Donald Trump, but once the songs began, the music's intensity could not possibly be more in your face. This was brutal violence as Greenway howled, guitar chords blurred and the rhythm section pounded mercilessly. Occasionally the band offered a metal riff as an anchor, but more often the sound was like a tornado with a beat. Thirty five years in, Napalm Death is still a viable threat to humanity.

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