Thursday, April 21, 2016

Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons at the Mercury Lounge

Jerry Joseph
Jerry Joseph grew up in the area around San Diego, California, and started playing guitar professionally at age 15 while living in New Zealand. He later relocated to Arcata, California, where he formed the rock/reggae band Little Women in 1982. After the breakup of Little Women in 1993, Joseph began recording albums under his own name. In 1996, Joseph relocated to Utah and formed the band Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons. Joseph also began an intermittent side project called the Stockholm Syndrome in 2003. Joseph released By the Time Your Rocket Gets to Mars on April 15, 2016.

While Joseph has recorded acoustic albums in the past, his present band is playing all-out rockers. Performing at the Mercury Lounge tonight, Joseph's smoky vocals flavored the emotional core of the songwriter, igniting his thoughtful lyrics with passion. Bald-headed and white-bearded, Joseph's integrity blossomed from the wisdom culled from his maturity. His bluesy lead guitar work was equally enflamed with a richness that came from the soul. Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons may be a treasure to be discovered by fans of classic rock.

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