Saturday, February 27, 2016

Roger Creager at Hill Country Barbecue + Market

Roger Creager aspired to become a country music singer since he was a six year old pianist living outside Corpus Christi, Texas. At 14 years of age he learned to play guitar while in a van on a four-hour church trip; a fellow passenger taught him to play gospel songs, and eventually they performed them together in church. Later, Creager earned degrees in business and agriculture, but outlaw music was his calling. Creager currently lives in Katy, Texas. His seventh and most recent album is 2014's Road Show.

Creager brought a little bit of Texas to Hill Country Barbecue + Market tonight. Creager sang with a strong, thoroughly masculine voice, and the songs rocked energetically. The band filled out the songs with organ runs and guitar leads, and occasionally an accordion or fiddle gave the songs a country flourish. Given that reoccurring Texas twist, the overall set leaned towards the sounds of Jerry Jeff Walker and the Tex Mex blend of Doug Sahm. Otherwise, the songs could have easily fallen into a classic Billy Joel/Jimmy Buffett/Van Morrison groove. Creager satisfied with an authentic Americana set, and his music deserves a wider listen.

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