Saturday, February 6, 2016

InAeona at ABC No Rio

Vocalist/guitarist Bridge Laviazar earned dual college degrees in art history and photography in 2004 in her native Boston, Massachusetts, but ultimately felt drawn back to creating original music. She began playing in bands with two former high school buddies, bassist Dave Soucy and drummer/synthesizer player James Dunham.  After several other musicians did not fit the post-metal/post-industrial mold, the core musicians became a trio named InAeona, and quickly released a self-financed debut EP in 2009. Embracing DIY, InAeona first played shows locally, later self-booking national tours. InAeona 's debut album, Force Rise the Sun, was released on August 7, 2015.

ABC No Rio is a subculture art collective where no alcohol is served, so the public attends all-ages concerts strictly for the music and the engagement of belonging. Nearly every Saturday afternoon since 1989, ABC No Rio has used a former studio apartment in its 19th century tenement to stage radical music, usually hardcore punk, metal, progressive or experimental music. On this occasion, InAeona represented all of these categories. InAeona's music was brutally loud, aggressive and noisy, but also massively cerebral and passionate, elements usually found lacking in punk or metal. Alternating between bombastic assaults and gently meandering melodies, Laviazar on guitar crunched with the rhythm section, then noodled shimmering guitar leads which she interrupted with her own sweeping vocals or shouts. Deep and expansive, exploring the spectrum from frightful darkness to blinding light, InAeona's gripping, mysterious compositions splendidly bonded the audience for a captivating sojourn into both inner and outer space.