Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Vibrators at the Bowery Electric

John "Eddie" Edwards
One of punk rock's longest running bands, the Vibrators will be celebrating 40 years in a few months, although only one original member remains. The band first emerged in the British music scene in 1976 and shared stages with other first wave punk bands, including the Sex Pistols. The Vibrators had frequent personnel changes beginning in 1977 and split in 1980, but the original lineup regrouped in 1982. The current trio consists of original drummer John "Eddie" Edwards, along with bassist Pete Honkamaki and guitarist Darrell Bath. The Vibrators released its 20th album, Punk Mania: Return to the Roots, in 2014.

At the Bowery Electric tonight, the Vibrators played old fashioned punk rock that today probably would be reclassified as garage pop. The three-piece ensemble used minimal effects to produce a stripped-down guitar-fueled charge, often sounding like a speedy roots rock and roll band. All three members sang lead, offering a template of three similar flavors of jam. When they sang gang-vocals, they sounded like latter-day Clash. The musicians were proficient at their instruments as well. Although considered a one-hit wonder in 1970s England, the Vibrators still rock.

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