Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Concert Highlights from the CMJ Music Marathon 10/13/2015

For 35 years, the annual CMJ Music Marathon has been energized by the excitement of discovery. Hundreds of musicians fly into New York City from all over the world hoping for an opportunity to expand their audience. Hundreds of conference participants hope to learn that little extra knowledge that will help establish their career in music. Nearly 100 local venues open their stages to new and barely known artists. Yes, we are energized by the excitement of discovery in the music capital of the world!

The Heaters at Elvis Guesthouse
The Heaters from Michigan performed psychedelic shoegaze at Elvis Guesthouse.

Ginette Claudette at the Drom
Uptown New Yorker Ginette Claudette and her two musicians performed emotive soft pop slow jams.

Step-Panther at the Cake Shop
Step-Panther flew in from Australia to play lead guitar-loaded garage rock.

Nina Sky at Arlene's Grocery
Nicole and Natalie Albino were a vocal tag team with their New York-born urban electronica jams.