Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bridget Barkan at Overthrow New York Boxing Club

Native New Yorker Bridget Barkan has been acting since childhood, most recently in a recurring role as the one legged hooker on Law & Order: SVU. As a vocalist, she performs in cabaret productions and toured as a backup vocalist for the Scissor Sisters for almost three years. Barkan also is a teaching artist with Carnegie Hall’s Music Connections, working incarcerated youth. Barkan's Dear Stranger album was self-released in 2012.

Barkan debuted her new single, "Danger Heart," with a concert staged in the ring of the Overthrow New York Boxing Club. Taking full advantage of the theme, Barkan had two "boxers" introduce each song as another "round." The two men engaged her songs with costumes and choreographed moves, and one song featured a female weightlifter. Barkan herself changed outfits to fit the theme of each song. An animated artist, Barkan sang well, and her songs were catchy pop tunes. In the end, this was more than a music concert; it was a well-designed musical theater piece.