Friday, October 23, 2015

Adrenaline O.D. at the Bowery Electric

Although based out of Elmwood Park, New Jersey, Adrenalin O.D. was born in the New York hardcore punk movement of the early 1980s. Adrenaline O.D. existed from 1981 to 1990, and was known for playing extremely fast music accompanied by humorous lyrics. For the band's first vinyl release, a six song EP entitled Let's Barbeque, Adrenalin O.D. could only afford 15 minutes of studio time, so the musicians recorded all six tracks in one take with no overdubs. Adrenalin O.D.'s first album, The Wacky Hijinks of Adrenalin O.D. showcased the band's blazing speed-punk and sarcastic lyrics about suburban experience. The band's fourth and most recent studio album, 1990's Ishtar, was so named because, like the movie of the same name, it went way over budget and was only available for a short time before the label folded. Adrenaline O.D. reunites periodically; the present personnel includes original members Paul Richard (vocals, guitar), Jack Steeples (bass), Dave Scott Schwartzman (drums) and long time member Bruce Wingate (guitar).

At the Bowery Electric tonight, Adrenalin O.D.'s four musicians paused between many songs, perhaps to catch their breath as well as to indulge the audience in light-hearted chats. Occasional heavy chords leaned towards thrash metal, but with infrequent leads and bridges, the music remained rooted in primal punk, conducive to moshing. Unlike many of the bands from that period, Adrenaline O.D. did not evolve far; some 35 years after the band started, Adrenalin O.D. still performed with the force, speed, stamina and integrity of old.