Friday, September 11, 2015

Mothers at Berlin

Based out of Athens, Georgia, Kristine Leschper only last year graduated from college, where she studied printmaking. A visual artist who formerly worked in an art museum, Leschper recently made the transition to music artist, eventually forming an indie quartet. Mothers consists of Leschper on vocals and guitar, guitarist Drew Kirby, bassist Patrick Morales and drummer Matthew Anderegg.

Mothers performed three nights in three small clubs in New York, ending the series tonight at Berlin. Leschper led Mothers in a dreamy pop stew that was largely soft but occasionally drifted into harsh arrangements under non-traditional song structures. Leschper usually sang with her eyes closed, perhaps shielding herself from the vulnerability she exposed in her high floating and highly feminine voice. The band supported her with styles that ranged from shoegaze to a dash of no wave, at times as an ensemble approaching emo, but always veered left of center. Mothers is a band for unorthodox tastes in soft indie music.