Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Delta Saints at the Mercury Lounge

Benjamin Ringel
The blues-rocking Delta Saints formed when a collective of college students started jamming in 2007 in Nashville, Tennessee. Louisiana-born singer/lyricist Benjamin Ringel co-founded the band with Kansas native bassist David Supica. Soon after, they were joined by Tennessee-bred guitarist Dylan Fitch and Kentucky keyboardist Nate Kremer. The band's second studio album, Bones, was released on August 7, 2015.

At the Mercury Lounge tonight, the Delta Saints brought a whole lot of Bayou to their blues rock. The weaving of Ringel's soulful singing and finger-picking on a resonator guitar, Fitch's slide guitar, Kremer's rolling organ and Supica's funk-infused bass lines gave the set its swampy sound. It brushed with genuine southern twang, but there was more Delta blues than backwoods honky tonk etched in its brow. While the roots of the music were a throwback to traditional American sounds, the band members gave the set a contemporary pulse with singer-songwriter sensitivities at one end and barroom bombast at the other. It will be fascinating to see where the modern road will lead the hybrid Delta Saints.

Visit the Delta Saints at www.thedeltasaints.com.