Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Milky Chance at Rumsey Playfield

Clemens Rehbein
Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch met in an Advanced Music course in high school in Kassel, Germany. Until their graduation in 2012, they performed together in a jazz quartet. When the drummer left and the band disbanded, Rehbein and Dausch continued to collaborate, combining electronic production with acoustic guitar and their own vocals and lyrics. After performing only two live shows as Milky Chance over two weeks in 2013, the duo recorded songs in a simple home-made studio in Rehbein's childhood home. The group posted songs on Soundcloud and YouTube. A video for "Stolen Dance" became an immediate viral hit, attracting millions of views. Released as a single, the song hit number one throughout Europe. The debut album, Sadnecessary, was released in the United States on October 14, 2014, a year after its release in Germany.

At Central Park's Rumsey Playfield tonight as part of the SummerStage series, Rehbein (vocals and guitar) and Dausch (electronics and bass) were joined by Antonio Greger (harmonica and guitar). Breezes flourished in the outdoor venue, matching the easy-flowing summery sound of Milky Chance. Rehbein's soft but coarse vocals accompanied his nimble strides on the guitar, with Dausch and Greger providing gently supportive soundscapes. Rehbein's folk-style compositions, frequently reggae-infused, and his compelling melancholy vocals were the main ingredients; everything else was spice. Never overpowering or overwhelming, the set balanced poetic musings with subtly lilting grooves. Milky Chance harnessed a unique sound -- a majestic sound ironically lush in its very simplicity.

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