Thursday, July 2, 2015

San Cisco at the Bowery Ballroom

Jordi Davieson
At age 13, guitarist/vocalist Jordi Davieson already had a working band in the small coastal resort of Fremantle, Australia. Davieson and Scarlett Stevens had known each other since early childhood; she had played drums in a band at age 10 and was attending a nearby college. While in high school in 2009, Davieson assembled a band with Stevens and two of his schoolmates, guitarist Josh Biondillo and bassist Nick Gardner. Initially called King George, the band changed its name to San Cisco after surveying friends and fans. San Cisco's second album, Gracetown, was released on March 6, 2015.

San Cisco ended its three-week 2015 North American tour with a return engagement at the Bowery Ballroom. The quartet opened with the title track from its debut EP, Golden Revolver. From beginning to end, San Cisco filled the air with light, breezy, upbeat songs, with a propensity for rhythm & blues-flavored verses, whispered bridges and falsetto choruses. The band may be marketed as indie, but unless jangly guitars qualify it as indie, the bright, bouncy delivery was classic pop. Except for a couple of songs where Stevens sang at the front of the stage, very little had changed by the time San Cisco performed its final encore, "Fred Astaire." San Cisco's simple melodies and beat had charmed its young audience.

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