Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Newsboys at Radio City Music Hall

Michael Tait
Newsboys (sometimes stylized as newsboys) is a Christian pop rock band founded in 1985 in Mooloolaba, Australia, and presently is based in Nashville, Tennessee. Newsboys released 17 albums, six of which were certified gold, and has had 33 #1 songs on the Christian charts. After many personnel changes, Newsboys currently consists of lead vocalist Michael Tait (formerly of DC Talk), guitarist Jody Davis, keyboardist and bassist Jeff Frankenstein, and drummer Duncan Phillips; no original members remain in Newsboys. The band's most recent album, Hallelujah for the Cross, was released on 2014.

Newsboys closed a free concert at Radio City Music Hall tonight as part of evangelist Luis Palau's weeklong NY CityFest. Due to the nature of the event, Newsboys showcased its more direct messages with hits including "God's Not Dead" and "We Believe." Tait sang the rallying songs with soulful vocals while the three musicians drove slick, energetic rock arrangements behind him. Radio City Music Hall has an enormous stage, and Tait used it well, constantly pacing the edges to connect with fans. Newsboys had an impressive stage presentation as well, with the musicians on risers and behind them a massive screen projecting lyrics and performance videos. The half-hour set did not give a full representation of what Newsboys would be like at a regular concert, but it was a short and sweet taste for a future full concert.

Visit Newsboys at www.newsboys.com.