Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Dillinger Escape Plan at Irving Plaza

Greg Puciato
The Dillinger Escape Plan originated in 1997 in Morris Plains, New Jersey. The original musicians chose the name while watching a documentary on the 1930s bank robber John Dillinger and his multiple escapes from jail. Over the years the band has received a reputation for wild live performances that have included fire-spitting, bleeding and even defecating onstage. After several personnel changes, the mathcore band presently consists of vocalist Greg Puciato, guitarists Ben Weinman and Kevin Antreassian, bassist Liam Wilson, and drummer Billy Rymer. The band's fifth and most recent album is 2013's One of Us Is the Killer.

The Dillinger Escape Plan performed a mutiny of the senses onstage at Irving Plaza tonight. The math-metal juggernauts' extreme music pushed every button and lever for a chaotic sound that was as raw and invasive as brain surgery. Puciato yowled and growled lyrics and manic guitars played crunching riffs and aerobic leads to punishing, pounding rhythms. To the common person, it was loud and intense moshpit noise, but for those who listened, the Dillinger Escape Plan performed technically savvy, intricate compositions. It sounded insane nonetheless. The unhinged nature of the band played out early, with members of the band diving dangerously into the audience from both the stage and a five-foot higher platform not even 10 minutes into the concert. Weinman frequently did spin kicks off the monitors and crowd surfed while playing his guitar. Puciato at one point climbed up and, holding onto the railing, walked along the length of the balcony perimeter on a ridge not more than a few inches wide, then daringly dove into the audience. Towards the end of the 65-minute set, he climbed up into the mezzanine, and then dove into the audience from the last possible vantage point, the sound booth. Metalheads must hurry and catch these guys while they are still alive.

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