Thursday, May 21, 2015

TV on the Radio at Terminal 5

Tunde Adebimpe
Nigerian-born Tunde Adebimpe and his roommate, David Andrew Sitek, were visual artists; Adebimpe had worked as an animator on MTV's Celebrity Death Match and Sitek painted. They formed TV on the Radio as an indie rock band in 2001 in Brooklyn, New York. The duo's first music as TV on the Radio was a quirky, low-fidelity. self-released demo called OK Calculator (the title referencing Radiohead's album OK Computer). TV on the Radio became a critics favorite, with a series of albums that topped many year-end lists, and began headlining larger venues as indie rock became increasingly more popular. The band took a hiatus in 2009, and it seemed like its once-zooming popularity stalled. The band's sixth and most recent album, Seeds, was released on November 18, 2014. TV on the Radio presently consists of Adebimpe (vocals/loops), Sitek (guitars/keyboards/loops), Kyp Malone (vocals/guitars/bass/loops), and Jaleel Bunton (drums/vocals/loops/guitars). Adebimpe and Sitek now live in Los Angeles, California, while Bunton and Malone remain in New York.

At Terminal 5 tonight, TV on the Radio's hybrid music sounded as rich as it did a decade ago. Pivoted on indie guitar rock, the wall-of-sound songs generally cranked a steady rock and roll rhythm, with some songs accelerating to punk rock speed. The set also included many shoe-gazing electronic interludes (arguably too many) as well as brief flourishes of free jazz, funk, soul and a cappella doo-wop. Some of the band's experimental edges may have been sanded down over time, but captivatingly inventive arrangements were plentiful. Late into the set, the members of opening act Bo Ningen joined TV on the Radio on all available percussion, including drumstick-on-beer-bottle percussion. Some 14 years after forming, TV on the Radio continues to create music from and for the indie rock fringe.

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