Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Show Me the Body at the Marlin Room at Webster Hall

Julian Cashwan Pratt
Vocalist/banjo player Julian Cashwan Pratt and bassist Harlan Steed met in high school when they were 15 years old and began making music together, combining their influences of hardcore punk and hip hop. By their 16th birthdays in 2010, they had formed the concept of Show Me the Body, an experimental banjo-led punk rock power trio. Cashwan Pratt described the music as "New York sludge." The band has issued an EP entitled Yellow Kidney. The present trio consists of Cashwan, Steed and drummer Noah Cohen-Corbett.

Opening for Trash Talk tonight at the Marlin Room at Webster Hall, Show Me the Body sounded like no group ever before. The bassist and drummer laid down progressive grooves and the one lead instrument, the banjo, was used in a far from traditional manner, making gnarly, tinny-sounding atonal lines. Meanwhile, Cashwan Pratt shouted jarring slam poetry with unhinged passion. The result was a raw, low-fi, avant-punk dissonance that was weirdly unique and beyond indie. This band is young and curious and harnesses an aggressive and exploratory energy that will become its best creative advantage.

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