Wednesday, March 18, 2015

All Sons & Daughters at the Gramercy Theatre

Sandra McCracken (left) and Leslie Anne Jordan
All Sons & Daughters this year joined the ranks of many Christian recording artists who moved beyond the congregation walls and into traditional rock concert halls. While many of these artists reach out to larger audiences by obscuring their spiritual beliefs, All Sons & Daughters did the opposite at the Gramercy Theatre tonight. Led by are vocalist/pianist David Alan Leonard and guitarist/vocalist Leslie Anne Jordan, both worship leaders at their church in Franklin, Tennessee, All Sons & Daughters performed unpolished acoustic and folk rock music as smooth as a whisper while singing praise and worship lyrics. Separately and harmoniously, their outstanding vocals were big, passionate and engaging, with light arrangements and sparse backup helping to accentuate the lyrics projected on a large screen behind the band. Leonard and Jordan's pastor, Jamie George, came onstage to speak words of encouragement and to promote Feed One, an initiative to combat world hunger, and guest artist Sandra McCracken also performed beautifully both alone and as part of the ensemble. Amidst bars and rock concert lighting, the evening was not a full-on church service, but was effectively a deeper experience than that provided by the usual entertainment at the venue.

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