Saturday, February 21, 2015

Marc Broussard at Terminal 5

Raised in Carencro and Lafayette, Louisiana, Marc Broussard is the son of Ted Broussard, a Louisiana Hall of Fame guitarist and former member of the Boogie Kings. In 2001, Broussard started his professional music career as a member of Y, a short-lived Christian band from New Iberia, Louisiana. A year later, Broussard became a solo artist with the release of several independent efforts. Broussard in 2005 released a live album, Bootleg to Benefit the Victims of Hurricane Katrina, with all proceeds helping to rebuild Broussard’s home state, and in 2008 founded the Momentary Setback Fund to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. Broussard married his wife, Sonya, on the Rock Boat VII cruise in January 2008, and they reside in his hometown of Carenco with their four children. He released his sixth studio album, A Life Worth Living, on July 29, 2014.

Opening for JJ Grey & Mofro tonight at Terminal 5, Marc Broussard played a style of music sometimes described as "Bayou Soul," a gumbo of Southern-style blues, rhythm & blues, rock, funk, and pop. These diverse resources made each song distinct and captivating. At heart, however, the now-bearded Broussard was a singer-songwriter sorting out the complications of life through his thoughtful lyrics. Switching between electric and acoustic guitar, eyes closed on every song, he concentrated on his soulful vocal delivery and his sensitive lyrics while his guitar/bass/drums band jammed powerfully as the backup. New Yorker Steve Conte played dazzling lead guitar fills on every song. Conte's sparkling guitar licks were so prominent that it was hard to imagine the songs without this strong input.

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