Thursday, February 19, 2015

Los Dudes at the Bowery Electric

Jesse Bates
There is a band called Los Dudes based in Ventura, California, and another band with the same name based in Brooklyn, New York. The Brooklyn band formed in 1993, and released a self titled album in 1996 and a second album, Hipster Retirement Home, in 2013. The band consists of vocalist Jesse Bates, guitarists Eric Hartz and Eric Ambel , bassist Bob Cerny and drummer Todd Irwin.

Los Dudes self-describes itself as basement rock, so it was fitting that the band performed in the basement of the Bowery Electric tonight. Lighthearted and jovial, the band performed clever novelty songs like "Let's Get the Band Back Together" and "TV Nut" that spoofed youthful priorities. Far from polished, the punky garage band created and indulged in a good time party spirit with humorous compositions performed well.