Thursday, February 19, 2015

Faith at the Bowery Electric

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Felice Rosser  relocated to New York in the mid 1970s to attend college, and quickly gravitated to the local music scene. She played bass in bands with singer/guitarist Deerfrance and performance artist Jennifer Jazz. In the 1980s, Rosser played in Sistren, an all female reggae band. She also played with artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and new wave artists Bush Tetras, Gary Lucas and Ari-Up of the Slits. In the 1990s, Rosser started Faith, which has released two albums, 2001’s Time to Fall in Love Again and 2007’s A Place Where Love Can Grow. Faith also recently released a four-song EP, Soul Secrets. Faith presently consists of Rosser, guitarist Nao Hakamada and drummer Paddy Boom.

At the Bowery Electric tonight, Faith combined several ingredients to concoct a new broth. Rosser interpreted a soulfully emotive vocal style reminiscent of Nina Simone, Laura Nyro or Joan Armatrading. The singer/songwriter's lyrics sounded like poems attached to light melodies. The power trio hit warm grooves with Rosser playing sparse funk and reggae bass lines, Hakamada playing stinging alternative rock guitar leads and Boom playing jazz-styled drums. Together the rock and soul trio produced a matured sound for matured audiences.

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