Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ian Mellencamp at the Bowery Electric

Indie-rock rookie Ian Mellencamp grew up in suburban Cincinnati, Ohio. Music is in the Mellencamp bloodline; Ian's father, Joe Mellencamp, is a musician who began bringing Ian on stage when Ian was just five years old; Ian's cousin Eric Mellencamp owns a small record company; and his uncle is a Hall of Fame rocker, John Mellencamp. While working a full-time day job in his father's company, Ian by night wrote songs in his bedroom and soon began playing in local bands. Eventually Ian moved to New York, became a top fashion model and began performing in small clubs like Pianos, first with a band called Isadora. As a solo artist, Ian has released one three-song concept EP, Visions.

At the Bowery Electric tonight, Ian Mellencamp's music was a far cry from the famous Mellencamp. Rather than John's earthy connection to America's heartland, Ian, playing guitar left-handed and backed by a keyboardist and drummer, played indie music that swayed from near-pop to experimental. Sometimes his vocals were jarring. Precisely because creativity was more important to him than adopting commercial or traditional sounds, Ian's performance was captivating.

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