Monday, October 6, 2014

Alex June at the Penthouse

Alejandra Felmer, better known by her stage name Alex June, is a French-born and Chilean-raised musician who relocated to Paris in 2007 to study fine art and start a career as a draftswoman. She also enjoyed playing in a band until her two band mates returned to Chile. She then gravitated to creating a solo electro pop project. June released her first album, Big Bang, in 2013.

Tonight at the Penthouse at the Standard Hotel, East Village, June teamed with another synthesizer player and presented a few original songs in a 20-minute wash of dreamy synth-pop music. Soft, minimalistic and pulsating, the set was more art house or indie than dance-club groove. With shoegaze music becoming increasingly popular in the United States, the French musician may find an American audience.