Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Del Rios at Otto's Shrunken Head

The Del Rios were formed in 2013 from the Del Rio Bandits, an instrumental cover band that had been playing since 2008 in the area around Cleveland, Ohio. Guitarist Dean Cohen and bassist Skylar Keffer formed the Del Rios to pursue their interest in writing and recording original music. They filled out the new band with drummer Austin Latare and guitarist/vocalist Will Robinson. The Del Rios ... Ride! CD features 11 original songs.

At the monthly Unsteady Freddie's Surf Rock Shindig at Otto's Shrunken Head tonight, the four members of the Del Rios came on stage wearing matching grey shirts, pants and vests. They played a lively set of surf rock instrumentals and garage rock vocal songs. Many of the songs were originals; others were covers of surf rock songs by the Sonics and the Shadows, as well as one-hit-wonders from the early 1960s, including Chris Montez's "Let's Dance." The performance was grounded in retro roots, but delivered successfully with a contemporary sound.

The Del Rios return to Otto's Shrunken Head on Sunday, July 13. In the meantime, visit the Del Rios at