Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Future of What at the Standard Hotel, East Village

After touring on Die Young, her 2010 solo album in 2011, Blair Gimma desired to collaborate with a band rather than repeat the solo process. She met Sam Axelrod, formerly of Chicago noise band The Narrator and a fan of her solo album, in 2011 at a Thanksgiving party in Brooklyn, New York. Shortly thereafter, the two musicians began to play music together, eventually adding Max Kotelchuck to form Future of What. The band's demo tapes became its debut EP, Moonstruck. Pro Dreams, the trio's debut full-length of romantic pop songs, has reworked versions of the Moonstruck songs plus several more songs.

Performing tonight at the Annie O. music series at the Standard Hotel, East Village, Future of What played a 45-minute set of original synth-pop songs. The music was soft and dreamy, with Gimma singing in pillow-talk the whole time. The band's songs were a wave of bright yet somber sound. The synth beats were slow and light, and unlike most synth music, devoid of blips and effects. The key ingredient that meshed together the performance was its harmonic simplicity.