Friday, June 20, 2014

Sylar at Santos Party House

Vocalist Jayden Panesso began forming metalcore band Sylar via FaceBook in 2011 in Queens, New York. He first recruited drummer Thomas Veroutis, and then the two auditioned and added guitarists Dustin Jennings and Miguel Cardona (who also adds clean vocals) and bassist Travis Hufton. They named the band after the super-powered slayer character on the television show Heroes. Sylar has a debut full length album, To Whom It May Concern.

Sylar celebrated the release of the new album with a performance at Santos Party House tonight. Panesso grunted hip-hop-flavored screamo vocals that preached about what is wrong with the human race. His raw, anger-laced hardcore and clean melodic vocals soared over the band's bone-shattering guitar riffs and chunky, chugging breakdowns. All keys seemed to be dragged as low as possible for a loud and abrasive metalcore onslaught that pulsated with hypnotic electro and industrial flourishes. Fans formed such a fierce mosh pit that the more static members of the audience were forced to move onto the stage and surround the musicians as they played.

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