Monday, January 6, 2014

Wholebrain at the Delancey

Wholebrain is a singer/songwriter from Sicily, Italy, who has lived in various Italian cities and in Dublin, Ireland. Since 2010, he has doubled a career as a chess instructor with concerts throughout Europe and in the United States. He released a debut album, Brainstorming, in 2011.

At the Delancey tonight, Wholebrain performed alone on acoustic guitar and harmonica, accompanied occasionally by backing tracks with pre-recorded drums, cello, lead guitar and vocals. On some songs, Wholebrain finger-picked his guitar softly while singing tenderly, but other times he strummed his guitar so hard he nearly fell off his chair. He sang in English and Italian with a strong, husky and passionate voice, often sounding like Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder. While his impromptu chatter between songs showed signs of an English mastery not entirely fulfilled, his lyrics were complex and articulate visages of life. Several songs earlier on were poetic works inspired by or dedicated to his wife. Later on, the most curious part of his set was his revival of an old folk music tradition with a series of protest songs in English and Italian. This portion featured original compositions along with songs by Bob Dylan and Bob Marley. Overall, the set was diversified enough to command interest. With some refinement, Wholebrain could become an act to follow.

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