Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Jacob Jeffries Band at the Bowery Electric

Jacob Groten was born 25 years ago in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He began playing the piano when he was 5 years old and writing original music at age 10. At 17, Warner Chappell offered him a publishing deal and Baldwin Pianos an endorsement opportunity that Jacob proudly accepted. He formed a pop rock quartet with friends in 2006. Just weeks before the release of the band’s first album, Jacob’s father died; honoring his dad, Jeffrey, Jacob changed his own last name to Jeffries. The Jacob Jeffries Band was named 2008’s “Best Live Band & Best New Release” by New Times, a south Florida music newspaper, and won the 2008 Florida Grammy Showcase. The Jacob Jeffries Band’s fourth and most recent album is 2012’s Tell Me Secrets.

With so many bands experimenting with new sounds and styles, occasionally a trip back to the traditional is refreshing. At the Bowery Electric tonight, the Jacob Jeffries band played Billy Joel-style rock and roll. Jeffries is a talented singer/songwriter and pianist, and he showcased a set of original songs featuring engaging lyrics and with two- and three-part harmonies that sometimes sounded like the Band. The musicians also harmonized well musically, with Jeffries deftly playing keyboard leads and the guitarist blasting several speedy yet tasteful leads. Jeffries’ storytelling lyrics were mature and heady, yet hook-laden and catchy. Although I had never heard the band’s music prior to the performance, I walked home singing in my head a few of the insightful choruses I had heard in the club. That is a sign of a promising career in music.

The Jacob Jeffries Band will perform at Spin in Brooklyn this Friday night, December 6. Visit the Jacob Jeffries Band at