Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Husk at Arlene's Grocery

The Husk is a young Brooklyn-based punk rock trio featuring Johnny Provenzano on vocals and guitar, Dave Thompson on bass and vocals and Louis Rabeno on drums. The band played a brief but impressive set at Arlene’s Grocery tonight. All three musicians played very well, jamming speedy licks that were clear and harmonious enough to avoid a wall-of-noise effect. The overall sound was closer to the pop punk sound of Green Day than the rebel-rallying sound of Rancid or NOFX, but probably fell somewhere in between all of those bands. Two small drawbacks: Provenzano’s unnecessary f-bombs in every one of his between-song banters and the band members drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon beer out of a can onstage appeared very high school. Well, they are young.

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