Thursday, December 12, 2013

Corey Smith at the Gramercy Theatre

Georgia native Corey Smith majored in Social Studies education at the University of Georgia, writing songs and playing for his friends at parties on the side. Upon graduation, he taught world history and geography in a local high school for a time, but finally decided to pursue music full-time at the age of 28. Since then, Smith has written, recorded and produced seven studio albums and a live album. This past October, he released “Ain’t Going Out Tonight,” the first single from an as-yet-untitled album set to be released in early 2014.

Innovation is nearly impossible in country music, but Corey Smith’s performance at the Gramercy Theatre tonight was at least pleasing to the ear. His audience was composed of country music fans, but Smith showed himself to be first and foremost a singer songwriter. The subject matter of Smith’s songs often gravitated around the simplicities of small town life or partying, two standard country music topics; perhaps he sang too many references to consuming alcohol. The greatest point of interest was how cleverly his lyrics were composed, however. The clarity of his vocals fortified his lyrics, initiating anticipatory curiosity as to where he was heading in his storytelling mode. Like a good novelist, he kept his audience engaged in the content of his craft. Accompanying himself on guitar and with three backup musicians, the music behind the lyrics was a fairly common middle-of-the –road country twang, delivered simply and honestly. Not quite outlaw and not quite country pop, Smith demonstrated that he is very capable of capturing the attention of the serious fan of solid songwriting.

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