Friday, November 29, 2013

The Wicked Messengers at Hill Country Barbecue Market

The Wicked Messengers is a rock and roll/country music quintet based out of Brooklyn. The musicians call their music “rock n' twang,” and have recorded two CDs, Livin’ Fast and Headtwangers Ball. Led by Allen Lee Backer, the band leads a “kuntry karaoke” on Tuesday nights at Hill Country Barbecue Market.

Tonight the Wicked Messengers performed a rare self-contained set (not centered around drawing karaoke singers from the audience) that featured original songs and cover tunes. The band’s performance was indebted to the 1960s, especially noted in their covers of early Beatles songs. The original songs similarly were rooted in simple early-pop-radio elements. The evening’s set showed that this was a band that was able to do more than fuel a karaoke party; if you like retro-pop, the band was worth listening to as well.